I have been working towards being a virtual developer for many years, being in and out of Second Life for 15 years and dipping my virtual toes in other worlds, and having personally enjoyed watching Ready Player One.

Mark Zuckerberg finally announced his plan to pursue the Metaverse, which created a scramble online for virtual real estate be it domain names, projects, capital or virtual land everyone wanted to join in and get their piece.

I made the decision to pursue my own project prior to any announcement that kicked off the metaverse scramble, and that was Viewerverse my end goal is to create a universal metaverse client, fully open source and modular.  

I plan to start with a Second Life client and branch out from there, I have also decided to put this website up as a guide to the metaverse which will contain links, warp portals (links), music, games, guides, reviews and other goodies.

I describe this "blog" as a warp through the Metaverse, a blog about the Metaverse, virtual worlds, games, and the tools we use to access them, written and produced by Velivian Fesothe for FurShows.

Thank you for reading and I hope you find this useful as you travel through the metaverse.

Warp On