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Assemble a team of up to six space cadets and work together communicating and completing increasingly complex instructions. Keep your ship hurtling through space, despite the constant threat of annihilation, with swift witted deployment of your essential space tools.

Above all else, it’s important that you keep calm in the face of imminent destruction. Remember cadets, in order to avoid your inevitable demise you need to work together… as a Spaceteam!

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BossFighters VR

BOSS FIGHTERS is a multiplayer action game where a VR player controls a Boss, fighting a team of PC players in intense and wacky battles. Physics-based VR player’s gameplay, the sense of scale and power while controlling the giant Boss, is set against the teamwork, cunning, and agility of the PC players’ team.

Enter the arena as Boss or Fighter, to become a futuristic superstar gladiator, to battle for valuable loot, ranks, and crowd amusement!

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